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Why Is Customer Service Important In Business?

Why is customer service important in business?

-In business customers are valuable resource. A company’s success depends and reflects base on how many customers they have. In business, a company which has more excellent feedbacks and ratings are more attractive and preferable to future clients and consumers.

-One of the main goal in business is to gain popularity and in order for them to achieve this goal they must have a huge amount of customers. The more satisfied customers they have means more popularity. It is given that there will be unsatisfied customers and that is where the customer service is most needed. It is their job to ensure customers that the company is customer-focused and that it can sustain their needs.

How important a Customer service is:
-According to research results from JD Power retail banking satisfaction study shows that poor customer service is the most common reason why customers switched banks in 2010[1]. Of respondents, 37% who changed their primary bank did so because of poor customer service at their previous bank. The reported results indicates the importance of customer service and how it can affect a certain success If not, a great loss.

Customers are the reason why a company exist, therefore, it is very essential for one’s company to have a solid and reliable customer service department. Having this type of services ensures customers that a company is legitimate and can be trusted. It provides a source of security on customer’s end.

-Brand awareness
What customers say to others about your business can either make or break you. When best customer service is provided , people will talk about it and spread words of how well they were treated and most probably will endorse your brand willingly without any expected compensation.

-Reduce Problems
Customer service is not only to assist but the main priority is to reduce problems. No matter how successful a business is there will always be a conflict or issue. Good customer service is the key to prevent such complications or somehow decrease the negative feedback that may cause more problems in the future.

-Matters more than the price
Studies shows that a good customer service matters even more than the price. As we all know most of the consumers as much as possible would want to purchase an affordable but good products. They expect to get more of what they paid for. It’s been a common competition for different business/companies to reduce the price in order to attract and gain more customers. It’s very effective but some people would totally be discourage if not handled or treated well. Most of them would probably complain about the quality but they can be persauded if provided with good customer service.

Different types of Customer Service:
High Touch customer service
Is a category of contact center interaction that requires human iteraction. High touch customer service can be contrasted with Low-touch customer service, which uses automated phone systems an online self-service portals to answer customer questions and proves business transactions. Some contact centers train specific agents to deal with high-value customers and complex problems.

Online example: Flicker where the founders personally welcomed each new member when the service was young.

Low Touch customer service
Can be contrasted with high-touch customer service.

Example of Low-touch customer service:
Costco or Ikea. Costco offers no assistance at all unless you want to make a return, then they just take the item back and return your money.

Google : where it is nearly impossible to get in touch with a human employee but nobody seems to mind.

Transparent customer service
Where you can see how things are working and are welcome to manage things at the level you like.

Online example: Craigslist, where Craig answer all your email and CC’s you and his staff in an email thread to find sulotion.

Understanding but inflexible customer service
This is where customer service person listen to you, tries to understand your problem, awknowledges how frustrating it is, then tells you that the company is prepared to do absolutely nothing to remedy the situation.

Online Example: Verizon, where they will never stray from the rules but they will talk with you as long as you like.

Many small business fail to realize just how important a good customer service is for the over all health of your business. Good customer service is not only important but it’s absolutely vital. People will always remember if your customer service was really great or really terrible. They are not only looking at your products but speaking and working with someone who is supposed to represent your company. The feedback maybe good or bad depends on how well the situation has been tackled or solved. Customers are the most important aspect of one’s business. Customers who feel as though a company cares about them are much more likely to refer others and become repeat customers themselves.