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We are a solution and service provider for your data processing and customer services need. We would like to be your strategic partner in jointly developing your requirements. You help us understand your business policies and procedures, and we will provide our system and resources within your budget.

Together, we will create a customized system and cost-effective solution for your needs. Prepare for the impending business challenges but do not try to do it all by yourself for you will run out of solutions. Our coordinated efforts will help you keep in competitive advantage.

Look like a big company and think bigger plans, then act to make big decisions.

Key Benefits

  1. Gives your company a national image and wider market reach.
  2. Reduces cost in operation such as wages & benefits, office space, equipment, supplies and miscellaneous overhead
  3. Operate round-the-clock (24x7x365) and never again miss an opportunity
  4. Services are available on-demand just like an off-the-shelf tool
  5. Gives your organization more resources to focus on your niche and have a competitive advantage
  6. Lessen management responsibilities
  7. Quicker to deploy and get efficient result


Are you wanting to have your own contact center, but do not have the capability to do so? Do you experience abandoned sales inquiry that could have been turned into profit? Or are you planning to expand your contact center capacity with minimum available resources?

You know that your customers are the most important aspect of your business. So why not improve your services to them? We are here to offer a strategic partnership and coordinated efforts with you to reach a common goal: Customer retention and acquisition.

We can tailor a contact center system according to your needs, whether it’s dozens of seats or just one all-around representative, whether it’s customer support or marketing survey, whether it’s 24/7 support or just during the off business hours & days, and whether on a seasonal project basis or you want to entrust to us the entire department including the management responsibilities, we have a solution for you!


The channels :

1. Telephone - Our inbound and outbound agents have accents that customer shall not notice the difference.

2. Web live chat- We will provide 24x7 chat representatives including the software for your website thru our subsidiary Livechat247.

3. E-mail - We will use your own domain and server to correspond to your clients and customers.

4. Social Media Management - We will manage your Facebook page and Twitter accounts to promote your business. We will add Twitter "Follows" and "Followers" and connect with your Facebook fans.

We will let you have access to a common and offshore resources that could not be locally replicated by a low(er) budget. We can also build a team with expertise according to your demands but within your budget.You help us understand your business policies and procedures, and we will help you to connect with your customers. You can reduce costs and may reinvest on improvements of other areas in your business.

Services Include but not limited to:

  • General Inbound Customer Service and/or Member Inquiry
  • Telephone Answering and Message Delivery Service
  • Inbound Product Support
  • Sales order fulfillment
  • General Survey
  • Internet and Telephone Research
  • Outbound Credit Collection
  • Technical Helpdesk

Our rates are designed for small businesses but our service quality stands for professionalism. More importantly in any of our program as your off-the-shelf solution, we do not require a contract to stay and everything is included in your monthly or per minute rate. Interested enough? There's more, so please contact us for a value proposition.


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Key features of our services

We are a solution and service provider for your data processing and customer services need. We would like to be your strategic partner in jointly developing your requirements. You help us understand your business policies and procedures, and we will provide our system and resources within your budget. Together, we will create a customized system […]

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What are the services provided?
Cybergenic Associates International provides numerous customer services for your company ranging from telephone answering, message delivery to sales and technical support for your products and services. We can tailor our services according to your business, except for outbound consumer telemarketing. We also provide data entry and management, bookkeeping and other business process outsourcing. Please contact us for more information and customization of our services unto you.
What are the channels of your contact center system?
We use advance internet technology for our contact center that includes telephony, web chat, website co-browse and email. Each channel is a module and can be added or removed anytime.
How much is the startup cost?
We require down payment as a security deposit which is normally at 25% of the projected first month invoice.
What other monthly fee do you charge?
We only charge a low agent's per hour. Mostly no setup fee.
Is there a contract for an account?
No. You can come and go anytime you want on a monthly basis. You just need to pay your last balance. You can use our system and resources as your off-the-shelf solution.
Is there a trial period?
Sorry, no trial. But we can get let you speak to any of our agents for pre-qualification.
Where are the contact center agents located?
Our main contact center operation is located in the Philippines.
How many agents will be assigned for my company?
As many as required to handle your customers contact volume.
How are the agents going to answer my customers' questions and needs?
As your partner, a Cybergenic Associates account manager will be assigned to work with your company's services and/or products. The account manager will develop with you the script or "canned" answers that our agents will use to attend to your customers' needs. If you have an existing script, the account manager will discuss it in detail with you to ensure that we are going to represent your company exactly the way you wanted to. Any unanswerable customer question will be deferred and be consulted with your company's representative before getting back immediately to a customer, then it shall be added to your script. Our agents will be trained based on your script and your other business information by the account manager.
How are you going to prioritize my customers' call/contact?
Our system uses real ACD queuing, load balancing and routing, and we employ agents that will match our clients' requirements. Therefore all calls are handled evenly and without much delay. Email are answered in chronological order within 24 hours of receip
Can you take orders and credit card information for my company?
Yes, we can take sales orders on behalf of your company. For online credit card processing, you need to give our contact center representatives an access to your secure server or page for us to process the transactions.
Do you provide reporting?
Yes, in MS Excel, CSV or as specified format.
How reliable is your system and infrastructure?
We have UPSes and battery back-ups for our equipments. Generators are also standing-by for longer power failure. Our system has automatic failover and can re-route calls to available agents in other locations.
How long does it take to setup an account?
Within 2-5 business days for a quick campaign. More complicated projects may take up weeks to start.

If the answer to your question is not found here, please call us directly at (484) 995-4669.


Cybergenic Associates International is dedicated in building long term relationships to our clients by providing a customized system and cost effective solution. We are committed to deliver a highly effective and quality of service for an outstanding and positive customer experience.

Cybergenic Associates International was established in 1999 in Delaware, U.S.A. and responsible for providing data processing solutions for small businesses then expanded to customer service in 2005. We are headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

We are a local business process and contact center outsourcer. We also have offices in the Philippines where a large number of highly skilled and US-English-speaking professionals are available on demand. We are here as your partner, readily available whenever you need us. Our operations personnel, particularly the contact center representatives are all degree holders and certified International Call Center Agents.

Philippines has a good relationship with the US in many ways, most especially in business and politics. Aside from that, Philippine laws and constitution are patterned after American system because Philippines was an American protectorate for 48 years (1898 - 1946).

That is why even the education and business systems are American based especially the English language. Most curriculums from grade school to post graduate are conducted in English. Hence, the Philippines is the third-largest English speaking country in the world. Many Filipinos are IT skilled professionals, highly educated and proficient in English which is also the primary business language.

Philippines has adequate domestic and international submarine cable services which make its telecommunication infrastructure in business quality. Inspite of those advantages and qualifications, the labor cost in the Philippines is only about less than 20% of that US counterpart and the attrition rate is below 10%.

These are the major reasons why Philippines is a popular option for shared services location that big companies like IBM, Intel, FedEx, Citibank, Caltex and many other multinational companies, to establish their regional center.

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